The following is a collection of magazine and newspaper articles about Jim Henson and the Muppets. They have been archived here for your enjoyment.

Muppets Keep Henson in Toyland
The Washington Post, February 1977

Muppets on His Hands
The Saturday Evening Post, November 1979

Muppets on the Move
The Saturday Evening Post, December 1980

Teen lands his dream job working with the Muppets
Weekly World News, September 1981

Muppet Men Live at 123 Sesame Street
The Telegraph, November 1981

TZ Screen Preview: The Dark Crystal
Twilight Zone Magazine, May 1982

Don't Expect a Muppets Movie: 'Dark Crystal' a Hard Read
Knight-Ridder Newpapers, December 1982

No Doozer Makes a Move Without Faz Fazakas
TV Times, May 1983

Frank Oz: The Man Beneath Yoda, Behind Miss Piggy & Slightly to the Left of Fozzie Bear
Starlog Magazine, July 1984

Jim Henson: Master of Muppets
Starlog Magazine, August 1984

Frank Oz is Muppeteer... Man Behind Miss Piggy's Success
Hollywood: Dick Kleiner, September 1984

Jim Henson and the People Behind the Muppet Mania
School Library Journal, September 1984

Kermit and the Muppets Turn 30
Associated Press, January 1986

Street Smart: How Big Bird & Co. Do It
New York Magazine, November 1987

Brian Henson Brings Dog to Life in 'Luck Child'
The Washington Post, April 1988.

What's In Store? Dinosaurs! Henson's Son Hatches New ABC Series
Tribune Media Services, April 1991

The Muppet Christmas Carol: As Scrooge, Michael Caine Counts His Blessings Alongside Kermit & Miss Piggy
Starlog Magazine, January 1993

Sesame Street Principal Puppeteer Kevin Clash Makes Muppet Magic
Jet Magazine, March 1998

Star Wars on The Muppet Show - May the Foam be with You
Star Wars Insider, September 2001